Since you have found this website, you must be thinking about your life, your health, and your happiness.  Congratulations!  What a great start!  At Happiness Health Coaching we are here for you!

Philosophy of Happiness Health Coaching


Health coaching can take many forms based on a coach's specialty or the needs of the individual.  At Happiness Health Coaching we take an integrative approach to wellness and address all aspects of our lives.  We explore how all areas are related and how they affect one another.  These include but are not limited to our physical health, stress and mental well-being, home, education, career/job, finances, nutrition, relationships, self-confidence and the over all joy in our lives.  Whether it's practicing gratitude, making small changes in the way we live, think, and eat or opening our mind to new possibilities, we are here to help you find your way to living the life you want.


With more than 25 years and counting in the human service field and a passion for helping others while discovering my own strengths and interests lead me to pursue my certification as an Integrative Health Coach.  As a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition I have found a life long way to practice wellness while helping others discover what they need for health and happiness.  Donna Manglaviti, Certified and Insured Integrative Health Coach


In a world of constant negativity and stress, Happiness Health Coaching promotes a simple and positive way of thinking and living. Whether you are a young person who never had the experience of living in simpler times or a mature person who has forgotten the joys of a simpler life, we are here to help you find joy in a conversation, peaceful meditation, good food, watching a sunset or sunrise, and focusing on all there is to be grateful for.  Instead of eliminating bad habits we can begin to incorporate new and good routines to our day.  These minor adjustments to our way of living will greatly impact and improve all areas of our life.  An example would be, instead of eliminating bad foods from our diet, lets start adding some good choices.  As time goes on, good foods make us feel more energy and we think more clearly, we no longer like that feeling we have after eating those unhealthy choices.  As a society our lives have become so complicated "we can't see the forest through the trees".   We know the answers, they just appear to be far out of reach.  We are all different and there is no "one way" that works for everyone. Together we can discover what you knew all along and implement the change you want for yourself.


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